Summer Cocktails to Stay Away From to Maintain Healthy Skin

Summer Cocktails to Stay Away From to Maintain Healthy Skin

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The Top Summer Cocktails to Stay Away From in Order to Maintain Healthy Skin

When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, some cocktails can have a negative impact fur to their high sugar content, alcohol content, or other ingredients that may contribute to dehydration or skin inflammation. This blog will be discussing some of the popular summer cocktails that you may want to consider limiting or avoiding altogether this season in order to promote skin health! 

Sugary Cocktails 

Cocktails that are high in added sugars, such as margaritas, daiquiris and pina coladas, can lead to increased inflammation and potential skin issues. Excessive sugar consumption can contribute to glycation, a process that can accelerate skin aging. We all love to enjoy a nice refreshing pina colada from time-to-time in the summer so do not feel guilty for enjoying the odd one. Everything in moderation is fine! 

Sweetened Fruit Drinks 

Cocktails made with sweetened fruit juices, syrups or sodas can be high in sugar as well. Examples include fruity mixed drinks like mai tais, mojitos and fruity punches. These sugary beverages can impact collagen and elastin in the skin, affecting its elasticity and overall appearance. 

Drinks with Caffeine

Cocktails containing caffeinated beverages like espresso martinis or energy drink mixers can be dehydrating. Caffeine acts as a diuretic, which can lead to increased water loss and potential skin dehydration. Again, we all love the odd espresso martini or could use the extra help staying awake during a night out! Just make sure you are drinking caffeinated drinks in moderation to ensure your body and skin does not become too dehydrated! 

Frozen Cocktails with Dairy 

Some frozen cocktails, like frozen mudslides or creamy pina coladas, often contain dairy products. Dairy can be problematic for some individuals, potentially leading to skin issues like acne or inflammation. If you’re sensitive to dairy, it is best to avoid such cocktails as this would be a trigger for your skin to flare up. 

PAUME Takeaways 

While enjoying an occasional cocktail is generally fine, moderation and balance are  key. Opting for lighter, lower-sugar alternatives or drinks with hydrating ingredients like fresh fruits, herbs or infused water can be a better choice for promoting skin health. Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking water alongside or between cocktails can help counteract potential dehydration effects. You can also go a step even further by using a high end moisturizer regularly to ensure that your skin is always hydrated in the hot summer months! Check out our PAUME shop for some great products that will keep you moisturized all summer long :)